Adrienne European Lifestyle


The subtle European art of developing and refining one’s personal style.

Adrienne European Lifestyle offers personalized guidance to select Chinese clients seeking a refined lifestyle with a European flair. From the dining table to the office to daily life, one's polished appearance, manners and etiquette can open doors to life's opportunities.

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Adrienne European Lifestyle Consultancy is focused on you, and how you can instill timeless values of beauty and grace – the core of aesthetics – into your personal image, and in your lifestyle. Aesthetics, good taste, and style are intrinsically woven together. If they are applied according to measured principles and with Adrienne’s European expertise, you will certainly reach a new level of worldly sophistication.

Adrienne works with Chinese corporate clients, entrepreneurs, and client spouses. She collaborates with each client one-on-one, cultivating his or her personal image. It begins with the fundamentals of appearance enhancement, manners, and etiquette. These are core aesthetic values which do not rely on the latest trends, or a luxury brand label. You will gain a new confidence which will make the difference in cultivating your image.

The journey of enrichment continues with interactive learning sessions with Adrienne. Shopping excursions, event planning, make-up sessions, restaurant and gala events – all are instructional in-the-moment opportunities to fine tune your image and lifestyle choices.

We all want to impress others when we meet them for the very first time. It takes just 2 seconds for people to evaluate your image and make a decision. Investment in cultivating your aesthetics, image and style will enhance your personal charisma and your relationships with others. Make every moment a first impression.


Adrienne Stark

Adrienne Stark is an entrepreneur and arbiter of style. Having lived on 3 continents, she leads a cosmopolitan lifestyle of international travel, society events, and global fashion.

Currently in China for the last 9 years, she is excited by the fast-moving modern style emerging in Beijing. She brings her hallmark European style to a select Chinese clientele who wish to become more sophisticated and international in their lifestyle at home, the office, and abroad.

Adrienne Stark hails from Germany and brings 30 years of fashion experience and entrepreneurial ventures to her new custom consultancy: Adrienne European Lifestyle. She also has founded and manages AS European Emporium which provides a marketing and networking platform to European luxury brand companies entering the Chinese market.

Adrienne Stark was a board member of Heimsch Design GmbH, a luxury car accessory company servicing global clients such as Daimler-Chrysler. She also was a director of Heimsch Modevertrieb GmbH, a company offering exclusive fur and leather garments and accessories to the fashion industry.

Adrienne Stark presents annual fashion shows for upmarket European brands and emerging designers in Beijing, most recently showcasing Rosenberg & Lenhart, Gemmi Furs, Dyria Furs, and Zucchero, David Ubl, Path and Ralfy by Ralf.

Current clients include top-tier businessmen and women at global companies, celebrities, politicians, society people, and those aspiring to improve their style.



  • The First Impression

    We all want to impress others when we meet them for the very first time. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. This package will focus on developing aesthetics, the basis for good taste and style, since appearance is the largest component of making a first impression.

    Components include:

    various assessments of body-shape, custom colors, and personal image * wardrobe evaluation * lessons in dress code expectations * shopping expeditions * etiquette and manners

  • International Business Style and Etiquette

    As China deepens its business relations abroad, we should all acquire a true international style that is refined and considered classy by our clients, partners, and customers in all parts of the globe. That means awareness and adherence to international norms of etiquette, manners, and behavior are critical to the successful Chinese businessman or woman.

  • Society Events and Social Etiquette

    Since a business deal is often finalized outside the office, being stylish and graceful in a variety of social situations is critical. Spouses, too, are expected to support and stylishly accompany their partners. Confidence and savoir-faire – a French term for knowing what to do at the right moment – should be a part of your international sophisticated lifestyle.

  • International Travel Planning and Style

    Whether for business or pleasure, seek out the finer points of Europe with Adrienne’s guidance.

    Components include:

    European itinerary planning * different etiquette norms for different countries within Europe * assistance in packing for a sophisticated yet wrinkle-free appearance * shopping tips and expectations.